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Your and you’re

Yes, I do know the difference! (spot my deliberate error on previous entry)

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President Barack Obama

Did you see the inauguration yesterday of America’s 44th president?  What a spectacle!  The crowds, the pomp… Aretha Franklin’s hat. It stuck me as being part wedding (Michelle Obama’s mother-of-the – bride outfit set that train of thought going, plus the endless shaking of guest’s hands the couple endures before getting to the high table) […]

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Accidental Friends on two more shortlists!

Accidental Friends, my teen book published last year, has been nominated for two more shortlists. The first is run by Birmingham Libraries and is called the KS3Chills Award. This is one voted for by readers using an X-factor type system. Every week, the two titles with the least votes are ‘splatted.’  Readers’ opinions about the […]

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Predictions for 2009

1. Libraries will be in the news. More and more branch libraries are closing as councils look for easy targets to make their cutbacks.  Reasons given are that books are so cheap now everyone goes to Waterstone’s or Tesco’s so what’s the point of maintaining stock or buying in new books?  Crazy. Libraries serve a […]

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