Accidental Friends on two more shortlists!

Accidental Friends, my teen book published last year, has been nominated for two more shortlists. The first is run by Birmingham Libraries and is called the KS3Chills Award. This is one voted for by readers using an X-factor type system. Every week, the two titles with the least votes are ‘splatted.’  Readers’ opinions about the nominated titles are also available to read.  This is a fresh and innovative way of getting kids interested in the award but not so brilliant for us thin-skinned authors.  Some of the comments are ‘well harsh’ you guys! Alan Sillitoe once told me writers should ignore all criticism about their work, good or bad. I agree.  For the sake of my fragile ego, I shan’t be logging on again!  For those of you braver than I am, the website is

The second award isn’t formally announced until later in the year so I cannot divulge which one it is at the moment. I might get shot or something…

Needless to say I am chuffed to bits to be on both lists. I always had faith that Accidental Friends would do well.  Was I right or was I right?

Signing out from Big Headed Bertha xx

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