The Ultimate Book Guide Launch

invitation to the launch

invitation to the launch

Do you know what? I’m not doing too bad for a girl who only got a grade 6 in GCE English Literature. That’s what I told myself last night anyway when I attended the launch to the updated edition of the Ultimate Book Guide.  If you haven’t come across this book in the reference section of your school library, check it out now. It’s a great resource for choosing a book or discovering a new author and jam-packed with reviews and tips on what to read next. There’s a website, too, on  I’m proud to say my Simone series is included in this one and Saturday Girl (listed under its original title of Getting Rid of Karenna) in the version for teens. I also contributed to the Ultimate Teen Guide with reviews of Keeper by Mal Peet and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.

The launch was held at the Groucho Club on Dean Street in London. Even the words ‘Groucho Club’ filled me with excitement (I don’t get out much). I had visions of high-backed leather chairs and men in smoking jackets but actually it was just a pleasant venue with bars and stripy carpets. But the people in attendance – now that was another thing altogether – that did exceed expectations. Had a bomb fallen on the Groucho Club that evening half the country’s top authors and illustrators would have been wiped out and I’m not even kidding…

It would be inappropriate, not to say boastful,  to run through the whole list of authors who were there but the highlights for me were meeting Jan Pienkowski and chatting to Yvonne Coppard and Cathy Hopkins.

On tonight’s agenda – a toss up between the ironing and Supersize v Superskinny on TV. Reality sucks.

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