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Enid Blyton

I watched the repeat of the film ‘Enid’ shown on the BBC last night. Golly gosh! Turns out Enid Blyton, adored by millions to this day, wasn’t such a nice person in real life. A bit of a control freak, in fact. She drove her first husband to drink and neglected her two daughters because […]

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Goodbye 2009

‘The Old Year’s gone away To nothingness and night’ – John Clare It’s been a busy one. My writing highlights include: 1. Having the first 6 books in the GIRLS FC series published by Walker Books. Being particularly proud of ‘What’s Ukrainian for Football?’ 2. Launching the series at the National Football Museum, Preston, in […]

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The Gruffalo

So The Gruffalo was given the ultimate accolade by being made into an animated film and shown on Christmas Day.  Good call. It should be the law that producers choose a picture book every year to feature in this way.  My favourite from last year was Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. I suggest The […]

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My research assistants for book 8 are…

It might still be the Christmas holidays and I do still have half a turkey breast and way too much cranberry sauce left in the fridge but I’m back at my desk writing today.  I’m finishing book 8 of Girls FC (please note I’m only using the word ‘finishing’ just in case my editor reads […]

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Wesolych Swiat

Merry Christmas!  I am writing this early on Christmas Day morning before everyone else wakes up. The Pielichatys began their Christmas yesterday because we are part Polish and part German. A tradition we had passed on to us on my husband’s side is the special Christmas Eve meal. It begins by each member of the […]

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Christmas Carols

I went to London again yesterday. Yep, twice in a month. Cosmopolitan or what?  I love the photo I took outside the Natural History Museum of the skaters on one of those temporary ice rinks that spring up in city centres round December.  It reminds me of a Lowry painting. Yesterday’s trip was a family […]

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Yey! The first snow of winter has fallen over Britain. Let’s celebrate! I reckon the Bard of Barnsley, Ian McMillan, won’t mind me sharing his poem funny with you. I keep my snowman in the freezer by Ian McMillan I keep my snowman in the freezer Just behind the pies He likes it there, he […]

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Girls FC at Christmas

I am so entrenched with Girls FC I’m even wondering what sort of Christmas they’ll have! Here’s what I think, starting from the back row, left to right. Lucy will struggle a bit. Her parents have split so it will be difficult sharing her time between them but I think her Mum and Dad will […]

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Rowan the Strange

Any book where a thirteen year old boy hears voices and is sent to a lunatic asylum after breaking his sister’s fingers isn’t going to make for easy reading. I began to read the story warily, wondering if I’d be able to handle the subject matter but I soon learned to trust the writer’s voice. […]

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Top books of the decade

Congratulations to JK Rowling for being the best selling writer of the decade. Harry Potter topped the table by miles (or rather millions).  Quite right too. I remember reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the first time and thinking how special it was. All the ingredients were there – the neglected orphan who […]

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