Writers who lunch…

Josh Doder, Catherine Johnson and Rudolf the red nosed writer

Joshua Lacey, Catherine Johnson and Rudolf the red nosed writer in Daquise's

I had to go to London yesterday for a CWIG (Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group) meeting.  As the meeting didn’t begin until 3.00 pm I arranged to meet up with fellow writers Catherine Johnson, Joshua Lacey and Lily Hyde for lunch. Writing is quite an isolating occupation so it’s always good to meet with people who  can identify with what you do.

As the CWIG meeting is at the Society of Authors’ HQ in Kensington, Josh suggested we met near South Kensington tube station at a Polish restaurant called Daquise on Thurloe Street.  Daquise turned out to be a perfect spot – easy to find, not too busy, not too expensive and full of character. The food wasn’t brilliant;  my pierogi (meat patties similar to ravioli) was a little undercooked, as were Catherine and Josh’s fried potatoes but that didn’t matter. It was just cool being in such an authentic environment in such stimulating company.  Josh, we owe you five quid by the way!



the meal I wish I'd chosen! (Lily did)

the meal I wish I'd chosen (and Lily did choose)

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