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World Book Day’s a-coming…

It’s World Book Day next Thursday (March 4th).  Have you had the letter from school to take home telling you there’ll be a voucher for a £1 book? If so, did  your Mum roll her eyes and go: ‘What? Again? We’ve still got the one from last year.’ Hope not! World Book Day is great. […]

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Despite the internet, I still use books for my research. I have a shelf full of them above my desk. Here’s a condensed inventory: First and foremost, there are my dictionaries. I have : One Oxford Concise (split in half down the spine at ‘K’) – useful for everyday spelling and meanings of words One […]

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Chatterbox on Chatterbooks

I have just spent a fantastic hour and a half as a ‘hot seat’ guest emailing responses to children’s questions on a forum called SupergroupsPlus. The forum is a British Council funded web chat for kids all over the world. The one I did was part of the Chatterbooks group and I ‘talked’ to kids […]


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March 2010

My winter hibernation is almost at an end – what a pity winter isn’t! As March beckons I have to start getting organized because I have so many school visits and events on the horizon. Here’s my ‘to do’ list: The car needs sorting (strange rattling sound under the bonnet). Suitcase needs bringing down from […]

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It’s official – my books are better than Twilight (allegedly)

Never Ever I had a splendid e-mail from a girl called Lauren yesterday.  She’d just finished reading my teen book ‘Never Ever’ and wrote: ‘I wanted it to last longer. I love that book. I enjoyed it more than Twilight.’ What an accolade. My Erin and Liam better than Bella and Edward. Yes! Actually, I […]

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Books are for life, not just World Book Day

Here’s a little song for you on this grey winter’s day. Please sing loudly to the chorus from The Hippopotamus Song.’  You know the one… It  goes: Mud, Mud, glorious mud… Books, books, glorious books Nothing quite like them for feeding our nuts So follow me, follow, To a library tomorrow Where we can borrow […]

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Why reading really matters and I’m not even kidding…

In case you can’t read the text on Posy Simmonds’ clever cartoon, the little girl is bringing her fellow train passengers up to speed with her Harry Potter book:  ‘… but see, they aren’t really them…they’ve just changed into them, cos they took the magic Polyjuice potion… so Harry becomes Crabbe, Ron becomes Goyle and […]

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Schools’ Exhibition at Rufford Abbey

I went to a really inspiring exhibition at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire on Friday (12th Feb). The exhibition was the end result of a project involving various secondary schools who were asked to explore ideas about what their ideal new school would be like. At the entrance was this colourful wall of ribbons (left), an […]

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February 13th: Huddersfield Town 2 Swindon Town 2

It has reached that part of the season where teams are desperate to do one of three things: 1. gain automatic promotion (in League 1, this looks like Norwich City and Leeds United at the moment) 2. secure a place in the next four spots (positions 3-6) to gain a place in the play-offs. (Charlton, […]

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A little poem from Roger McGough

Survivor Everyday, I think about dying. About disease, starvation, violence, terrorism, war, the end of the world. It helps keep my mind off things © Roger McGough from The Nation’s Favourite Comic Poems (BBC)

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