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Downpatrick’s Sporting Heroes

Well, that was a busy and eventful four days!  Four days in County Down helping with County Down Museum’s exhibition on ‘Sporting Heroes.’  My job was to help local schools produce a piece of writing on their sporting hero. Footballers predominated (Downpatrick, like everywhere, is awash with Liverpool and Manchester United fans) so Rooney, Gerrard and Torres cropped […]


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Huddersfield Town storm into the play-offs

Huddersfield Town beat Stockport County 6-0 at Stockport today which means we are assured of a position in the play-offs. The play-offs take place between teams who finish 3-6th in the league. The four teams (team pos 3 v team pos 6, team 4 v team 5) play each other home and away. With two […]

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Fuzzy head…

Yesterday I had one of those unsatisfactory days when I didn’t seem to get anything done. My morning’s writing was bitty – chopping and changing dialogue then returning to the original that I started with – arghhhhhhhh.  Nae bother, I thought foolishly to myself – there’s always tomorrow.  And what happens?  My computer blows a gasket. […]

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Upton Primary, Northfield and Burntwood

The legends who are Reads United hit Yorkshire today. Tom Palmer and I were invited by Wakefield Schools Library Service to meet the KS2 pupils from three primary schools. How could we resist? I headed north. Tom headed south.  Not one erupting volcano prevented us from meeting in the middle. In Upton, to be precise, […]

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New! Voting Buttons

Nobody can accuse me of not keeping my website up to date and interactive!  First we had the penalty shoot out game, then the team picture screen saver to download and now… da-dah… you can vote.  Don’t worry, I’m not talking politics again. I mean you can vote for your favourite Girls FC title. Simply […]


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A strange few days…

Polish card It’s been a strange few days, hasn’t it? The first televised debate between the three political parties ahead of the General Election took place on Thursday and suddenly the Lib-Dems are the new kids on the block.  I am already tired of Nick Clegg’s cheesy grin. Then there was the eruption of a […]


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Girls FC wallpaper

Calling all you Girls FC fans out there. You can now download this fabulous picture of my Parrs squad for free to use as your computer screen background. Click on the toolbar on my website when you open it at any page, find the Girls FC logo and follow the simple instructions.  Enjoy!


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Spring Following on from what I wrote yesterday about how sometimes poetry is more immediate than prose, I thought I’d choose something appropriate to make my point.  Cheerful daffodils are everywhere right now so why not go for … The Daffodils I wander’d lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and hills […]

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Books – our comfort blankets

There’s a great article in today’s Yorkshire Post by Sheena Hastings about how books can give solace in difficult times. It begins by quoting the actress Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee) who said that Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen ‘helped me from going under.’ Now that’s quite a big statement but it’s one that doesn’t […]


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Stung by the Bees

It was a bad day at the office for Huddersfield Town yesterday. We lost 3-0 to Brentford Town. Town did not play well. They often take time to settle into a match, finding it difficult to keep the ball on the ground and instead lofting it skywards for anyone who wants it. Usually after ten […]

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