We woz 'ere
We woz ‘ere!

I spent the weekend in Exeter, Devon. Not because of a school visit which seems to be the only time I go anywhere interesting but because: a) I’ve never been b) Huddersfield Town were playing against Exeter City for the last match of the season c) It was my wedding anniversary so it all tied in!

We liked Exeter. It’s a good mix of old and new. Exeter was developed by the Romans and later became a centre of commerce in the Middle Ages owing to its thriving wool trade. Many of its interesting buildings such as the Guildhall attest to this. The city also has a fine Cathedral around which cluster cafes and restaurants to entice the tourists. I loved one cafe who automatically charged 12% for service ‘for our consideration.’ I considered it a bit of a cheek but paid anyway, being British.

Exeter Cathedral
Exeter Cathedral

The other ancient part of Exeter was its football ground on St James’ Park. The away end didn’t quite have the charm and elegance of the cathedral and Guildhall, being more open to the elements and standing room only as in the days of yore.  Nostalgic as this was it meant by the time we arrived, finding a good spot among the 1000 travelling Town fans was a bit of a challenge.

As you can see, my view of the match wasn’t wonderful. Not that I missed much. As at Brentford, Town were less than sparkling and lost 2-1 to a galvanised City. We’re saving our energy for the play offs next week (allegedly).

Exeter City's
Exeter City’s main stand

My view
My view of the match!

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