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How I’m feeling now England are out…

Stop all the clocks, cut off the Net Don’t bother collecting your Ladbroke’s bet Silence the vuvuzelas; their din is done Bring on the aftermath, let the investigators come. Let newspaper headlines in their outrage shout The incredulous message that England are out Pull the nylon flags from windows and cars Let normality return to […]


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Cracking Cleckheaton…

Whitechapel Middle prepare to cheer on Mr Pickles (not shown to spare his blushes) I’m going to stop doing school visits.  I have to, or I’ll end up returning to teaching and then I’ll never get my Girls FC series finished. The two schools Tom and I met today were smashing and I haven’t missed […]

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Reads United Leaping around in Lepton…

The penultimate day of Reads United’s World Cup Tour in schools and libraries saw us in Lepton on the outskirts of Huddersfield. I felt the occasion needed marking with something special as I was performing on hallowed Yorkshire ground so I wore my Huddersfield Town t-shirt and Tom wore his Leeds shirt to antagonize the […]

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Taxi for the 4th official…

England 1 (but really 2)  Germany 4. So tomorrow’s headlines have been written; the topic of debate decided.  They will be of the what if? variety. What if the 4th official hadn’t disallowed the goal? What if football used technology to over rule bad decisions? What if Lampard hadn’t hit the crossbar? What if Rooney […]

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IpArt Festival, Ipswich

Saturday was the first day of the IpArt Festival in Ipswich so you could say Reads United were the opening act (though the organizers might not see it like that!).  I’ve never been to Ipswich before and was really impressed – it’s an historic town with some beautiful buildings. I wished I’d had time to […]

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Reads United on tour day 4: Rotherham Children’s Book Festival

OK. Here’s a tip. It helps to find a place if you enter the correct post code in the sat nav before you set off. If not, you end up driving through busy town centres you needn’t be driving through and arriving at your destination with barely seconds to spare before 90 children arrive and […]


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Wrexham Rocks!

After the hottest day of summer in Portsmouth I couldn’t believe it when I drew back the curtains of my hotel room in Wrexham and saw that it was raining. It didn’t last long, though and the day was soon as warm and muggy as the rest of the UK. Our first Reads United session […]

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Reads United at Fratton Park June 23rd (AKA Must WIN Wednesday)

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Reads United at Fratton Park June 22nd

Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth FC and for two days only, Reads United Had a great day today in the Victory Lounge. Portsmouth Children’s Library Services and the staff at Hayling Island Bookshop did us proud organising a fabulous event on what must have been one of the hottest days of the year. Altogether we […]


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Journey to Southsea

Well, the journey wasn’t too bad. I was late setting off because I couldn’t find my memory stick for my laptop – the one I keep meaning to put somewhere safe. I was convinced I’d dropped it in my wastebin – the one I emptied for the first time in months the day before. Typical! So, armed […]

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