School Visits in Kirklees

I had a warm Yorkshire welcome from children in the Kirklees area this week thanks to Kirklees Library Services. I began at Meltham Library on Tuesday morning with Y4 children from Crowlees Primary School. A jolly bunch, as you can see!

Y4s at Crow Lees
Y4s at Crowlees

The afternoon was spent in the brand new Rawthorpe/Dalton Library on the outskirts of Huddersfield with Netherhall Learning Centre’s Y3s. I loved being back in Yorkshire. ‘How much does it cost to borrow a library book?’ I asked. ‘It costs nowt!’ came the reply. It’s true, an’ all.

Netherhall’s finest!

Thursday was Dewsbury and Batley Libraries. I had forgotten how majestic those Early Victorian sanstone mills (now mainly shopping centres) can look in the bright sunshine and how much stunning countryside there is round that region. It was such a treat driving along the roads, wearing my sunglasses and listening to the radio. It was even more of a treat to meet the Y4s and Y6s from Eastborough School in the morning and the Y3s from Field Lane School in the afternoon.

Eastborough Y4
Eastborough Y4 all sitting so nicely!

Eastborough Y6
Eastborough Y6 sitting just as nicely. Look at those beaming faces!

I’m sorry there’s no photo of Field Lane School but as they’d had the Huddersfield Town legend Andy Booth visit them the day before, I’m sure they won’t mind too much.

I’ll be back in Kirklees on June 28th and June 29th with Tom Palmer for two days of Reads United sessions so watch out Lepton CE and Rowley Lane (28th) and Whitechapel Middle and West End Middle in Cleckheaton (29th).  Meanwhile many thanks to Dianne Hurd of the library services for organising the visits, Ben Ruddlesden for taking such good care of me during the visits and all the librarians I met – Ann, Linda and Chris – who put up such great displays of my books and made some fine cups of tea for me. One day I’ll actually finish a whole cup before a class arrives!

How to
How to make an author feel welcome! Dewsbury Library setting the standard…

If John Prescott is known as Two Jags, I can be known as Two Tables. This is what I need to ‘set my stall out’  – and that’s just for the introduction…

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