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Back to school: some sage advice

  So we’re nudging into September already. That means back to school as the TV advert on the Staedtler pens reminded me (note to producers – little girls don’t look like Pippi Longstocking anymore).  So, have you got your new uniform? … Continue reading

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Top Ten Teen Reads from the Book Trust

   I’m delighted that Anne Cassidy’s (  book Looking for JJ has been included on the Book Trust’s all time Top Ten Teen Books.  Looking for JJ did what all good books do – it broke the mould. Just as Melvin … Continue reading

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Follow me on Twitter

 Not satisfied with having enough to distract me from my writing I am now on Twitter. This is Anne Cassidy’s fault so I can blame her for shortening my attention span even further!  Actually, I don’t know why I didn’t … Continue reading

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It’s anagnorisis time…

Anagnorisis: the Greek word for ‘recognition’ or ‘discovery’ to denote the turning point in a drama at which a character (usually the protagonist) recognizes the true state of affairs, having previously been in error or ignorance.’ (definition abbreviated from the … Continue reading


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Football Results…

 Huddersfield Town were thumped by Peterborough on Saturday; 4-2 after being ahead 2-0. So that’s won one, drawn one and lost one so far. Nothing like being consistent. Better news for England Women who beat Austria 4-0 to qualify top … Continue reading

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Well I never ever…

 Who says typing your own name into Google to see what comes up is for egotistical saddos with nothing better to do with their time?  Look what I found!  This is my teen book Never Ever only it’s in…. it’s in… … Continue reading

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Desert Island Discs

Actress, comedienne and producer Kathy Burke was on Radio 4s Desert Island Discs today. As Kathy Burke is one of my ‘people I’d like to have round a dinner table’ choices I couldn’t wait to hear what she had to say. Whatever … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’ and other epitaphs

 Today I’ve been trying to figure out an appropriate inscription my character, 10 year old Eve Akboh, could have on her late father’s headstone. The Akbohs are church-going Christians so it had to be something religious and appropriate. Here’s where, once … Continue reading

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Polish for beginners…

 We had relatives from Poland over at the weekend. It was fun (if exhausting!) having tiny children around the house again. Dominik, on the left, is almost two and Zuzia almost six. The children and I communicated well enough through sign language … Continue reading

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  Please bear with me if the typsetting of the next few blogs seems a little weirder than normal. I’ve just had my new hard drive fitted on my computer and am now working on Windows 7 which is more sophisticated … Continue reading

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