Accidental Friends and other near misses…

Accidental Friends

Accidental Friends

My YA book ‘Accidental Friends’ was mentioned in a blog last week. Go me!  It was written by fellow children’s writer Catherine Johnson on the An Awfully Big Blog Adventure forum (a subsidiary of the Scattered Authors’ Society). While I was delighted to read Catherine singing my book’s praises: ‘it is funny and thrilling and features totally engaging and a very different group of 16 year olds whose lives collide’ I was less delighted with the reason she’d chosen to mention it. Accidental Friends was one of her five books that ‘Went Under The Radar.’ Less delighted because it’s so true, it did! Catherine mentions that it ‘should have been stellar.’ At the time of writing, I mistakenly thought so too. I even thought it would be the title that would elevate me alongside the likes of Sophie McKenzie, Kevin Brooks etc but alas, no. While it got great reviews, 3 shortlistings and remains one of the best books I’ve ever written, for some reason it didn’t take off.  Even though it only came out in 2008 and remains topical (especially to those of you awaiting your GCSE results this month)  I rarely see it in the shops now.  My recent sales figures showed that it has sold less than 100 copies in the previous 6 months, putting it in danger of becoming out of print soon. It looks in danger of becoming the first of my thirty titles not to make by its advance. Ouch!  Still, I’ve long since stopped feeling peeved and frustrated at low sales; its a waste of energy. I just get my head down and carry on. What else can I do?

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