A Poem for Year Sixes about to start Year 7

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A Poem for Year Sixes about to start

Year Seven


Simone Wibberley

(from Simone’s Diary)


Don’t be worried

Don’t be scared

The teachers are fine

Ignore what you’ve heard

Don’t be mean

Don’t be passive

You’ll like the school

Although it’s massive

The dinners are great

The flapjacks are ace

Ignore the Year Eights

If they push in your place

Do your homework

Fill in your planners

The teachers are nice

But keen on good manners

There are hundreds of pupils

Who’ll make proper mates

If your old ones dump you

And turn into fakes

There are discos and clubs

Trips to go bowling

Year Seven is ace

There’s no need for moaning

At home life will change

That’s also a fact

They’ll nag about homework

And is your bag packed?

If, like me,

You live in two houses

Have double of everything

Like knickers and blouses

Your hair will go greasy

After, like, one hour

Your armpits will pong

You’ll need a shower

What more can I say

To you Year Sixes

Just go for it kids

And be good mixers



© Helena Pielichaty 1999 from Simone’s Diary (now only available in Love Simone xxx) published by Oxford University Press

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