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We’re all in this together

  I was extremely flattered to have this poem sent to me by Gwen Grant. She wrote it in response to my blog on library cuts last week.  Thank you so much, Gwen.   Here it is:         We’re all in this together         Or the ‘I DON’T THINK SO’ poem     Those fields […]

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Let’s hear it for the girls

           Congratulations to Marta, (full name Marta Vieira da Silva) the Brazilian footballer also known as ‘Pele in a skirt’ who has won the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year for an amazing fourth time. Marta, a forward, currently plays for an American side, FC Gold Pride. Watch out for her […]

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Why I write for children instead of boring old adults

 One question I get asked far too often is why I write for children instead of adults. The implication being that writing for children is some sort of a phase I’m going through before I move on to the grown up stuff.  While I’m not ruling out writing for adults one day I’m quite happy, thank […]

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When you’re smiling…

 This is James Ellroy, an American crime novelist. He featured in the ‘Upfront’ section of the Observer magazine yesterday. I like the Upfront interviews – I like learning about people who lead very different lives from mine. James came across as a glass half empty kind of guy. If I tell you this photo was […]

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Ouch George!

         It’s been quite a week what with Wayne Rooney having a big argy-bargy with his dad – I mean manager – and Portsmouth FC on the brink of destruction and Katie Whatsit from X Factor fainting in public. On top of it all the coalition government finally delivered the bad news […]

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Trick Questions

 Oxford University is renowned for asking tricky questions during interviews. Today they explained why. According to Mike Nicholson, director of undergraduate admissions: ‘The interviews are designed to assess academic ability and potential. While this sounds intimidating, their aim is to get candidates to use their knowledge and apply their minds to new problems while allowing […]

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Now there’s a novel idea!

 I read in the Huddersfield Examiner on Saturday about how villages were ‘adopting’ old red telephone boxes and turning them in to all sorts of things – including libraries. There wasn’t a photograph available of a converted one so this picture was taken from )  Hope they don’t mind! The idea is that villagers borrow, return […]


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What have I learned today?

 Based on the maxim that ‘you learn something new every day’ this is what I’ve come up with on this grey October Friday afternoon. Today I have learned that: ♦JK Rowling will have to face claims of plagiarism (she’s copying me, Miss…) in the High Court. The charge is brought by the trustees of Mr Adrian Jacobs […]

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Here’s why writers shouldn’t multi task…

Introducing ‘Baked Apple Surprise’  This is what happens when I try to write and make dinner at the same time.  To be fair, when I scraped the apples off the tray and added cream it wasn’t that bad!


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Toning it down

                                                           I’ve been writing for most of the day. By writing, I mean reworking previous pages and either adding to them or changing the tone. In terms of number of pages written I’m about the same place as where I started this morning but in terms of pushing the story forward I’m right on the button. It […]

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