We’re all in this together


I was extremely flattered to have this poem sent to me by Gwen Grant. She wrote it in response to my blog on library cuts last week.  Thank you so much, Gwen.


Here it is:


      We’re all in this together

        Or the ‘I DON’T THINK SO’ poem



Those fields are rich with crops,

These fields are set aside,

Their sweet, green grass long gone,

Now dock and thistle, weed and thorn,

Call barren earth their home.


We, too, have been set aside,

We, the people, who have not done

As they do,

Rubbing their greedy hands together,

Smiling their fat smiles.

Men and women,

Counting their wealth and fortune,

Oozing smugly into the bright futures

That await them.


The poor, the sick, the old, the struggling,

Shout in dismay at the barren earth

Left for us to live on.

The rich promise of our futures set aside,

Going down the drain. 

Going, going, gone.


How will our young

Ever find their place in the sun

When these women, these men,

Swollen with wealth,

Will not leave the smallest future for them?


Oh, how the fat cats love to steal

The pennies of the poor.

How shamefully did Parliament

Laugh and jeer and roar,

As penny after penny fell

Into their pockets wide.

Oh, how the fat cats love to steal

And then their theft deny.


But we, the disposed,

The set aside,

For now we just wait

And watch them.


                                                    ©GWEN GRANT

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