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Snow Day…

 Brr! How cold? This is the scene in my village today. I was supposed to be travelling down to Oxford to participate in the Kids Lit Quiz final ( ) but one look out of my window this morning told me there was no way I’d make it. I felt really bad – I was supposed […]

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Meet ‘Megan’

 You know you’re doing something right when readers go to school dressed as one of your characters for Book Week. This is Lizzie, who plays for Crewe Alexandra, dressed as Megan Fawcett, my goalie from the Girls FC series.  I love the attention to detail, right down to the red hair and bandana. Lizzie’s got Meggo spot on. I […]


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Montmorency by Eleanor Updale

 I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get round to reading Eleanor Updale’s children’s novel Montmorency. It was published in 2007 and won many awards including the Blue Peter Book Award for The Book I Couldn’t Put Down. I can understand why it won that particular category – I couldn’t put it down, either. Montmorency is […]

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Foreign editions

  How excellent is this! Never Ever, my bostin’ book for teens, is to be published in Slovenian next year (as Nikoli in nikdar) along with Saturday Girl (Sobotna puncta).  As you can see, the covers are very different from the UK versions. I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell you whether the storylines are – […]

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Hermione v Cheryl

Better news on the girl power front. According to Asda( )  girls age 8-12 aspire to be more like Hermione Grainger from Harry Potter than Cheryl Cole from X Factor.  Brains – and Hogwarts style blazers – are in. Not that I’m saying Cheryl’s thick – far from it – but as role models go, Hermione gets my vote every […]

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We need artists and writers: please support us!

 I have a friend who is the head of Art at a large secondary school in Hertfordshire. At a recent parents evening one of her Y10 pupils told her that his parents wouldn’t be bothering to come to see her as they only wanted to talk to the teachers of the ‘important subjects.’ Stung by this, my friend made a point of […]

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Roxy’s Baby by Cathy MacPhail

 A couple of weeks ago I was up in Glasgow at the invitation of Scotia Books ( Linzi, one of the members of staff there, an enthusiastic wee lassie who drives a car with bright pink hubcaps, asked me if I’d read Roxy’s Baby by Cathy MacPhail. I said I hadn’t and she dashed off to the […]

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Back of the … postbox…

 This isn’t Eve Akboh but it’s how I imagine her hair looks. Eve is the main character in the book I’ve just finished. When I say ‘just’ I mean ‘just’. I finished the final read through at 10.38 and Mr P has just returned from posting it at 10.59 which is when I’m blogging this. I usually […]

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Back of the net. Back. Of. The. Net my son!

 If I could do what Marta’s doing (left) I would because I’m so happy. I’ve finished my book. Yessss… When I say finished, I don’t mean finished as in ready to post to my editors (sorry, Annalie and Caz if you are reading this) I mean it’s ready to work on. It’s like a cake. I’ve […]

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New blog about children’s football books

Tom Palmer has started a new blog about football. It’s aimed at children who like reading football fiction. He wants as many writers to contribute as possible. I was honoured to be asked first. Check it out on:  and leave a comment (a nice one, please) .


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