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Dear 2011

Dear 2011, Hello! Are you excited for tonight?  There’s less than 10 hours to go before you make your big entrance. What are you wearing? I’ve heard it’s going to be foggy in London so I’d go for something bright if I were you; something that makes a statement. Don’t do the Lady Gaga meat […]

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2010 Highlights

Sorry I’m a day later with this – I felt sluggish again yesterday. This flu bug doesn’t want to let me go just yet. OK, I’ve got my calendar in front of me. Let’s go!   January: I had my first CWIG meeting in London. CWIG is the children’s writers and illustrators branch of the Society of […]

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‘Tis the season of joy and sneezes

 Well I managed Christmas Eve OK and most of Christmas Day but midway through watching Toy Story 3 that evening I finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. First came the chesty cough, then the sneezes then the shivers. Out came the extra blanket, the Lemsip Max and the hankies. I spent two days in bed […]

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Christmas Eve traditions

 I blogged about this last year so if you read that you’ll know that the Pielichatys have a special meal on Christmas Eve. This is in line with most Scandinavian and Eastern European countries where Christmas Eve is seem as the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus more than Christmas Day. Being half and half we get best of […]

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Merry Christmas

I took this last year when I went to hear carols at the Royal Albert Hall. I’m just putting a CD on this year. Tomorrow I will be watching the best Christmas film ever:  Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Home Alone 1)

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not forgetting the mince pies…

 ← Delia’s mince pies            ← Helena’s mince pies             Look no further for your new celebrity cook. I am the woman who puts the ‘pie’ into Pielichaty.

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Christmas Countdown: The Cake

  ←This is Nigella’s cake.           ← this is mine.             I think we have a winner, don’t you?

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Sports Personality of the Year 2010

It’s been a big time on TV for winning things. I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, The Apprentice. Blimey!  Last night I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Sports Personality of the Year Awards on BBC presented by Sue Barker and Gary Lineker. There were several sportsmen and women up for the […]

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Are you ready to dance?

  Are your ready for the Strictly Come Dancing (  final?   I haven’t been following the series closely but I’ll be glued tomorrow. Dancing is such a fabulous skill to have. I’m useless – I have two left feet and tend to ‘lead’ when I shouldn’t. I am Anne Widdecombe, basically.  My favourite old […]

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Things that make me laugh 4: Writers

 Being funny is a talent; being able to write funny things is a gift. Very few books make me laugh out loud but here is my Funny Writers Hall of Fame:   I’ll start with Oscar Wilde and PG Wodehouse, geniuses both, but of the more modern era we have: Beverly Clearly  for her Ramona Quimby series   Morris […]

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