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Royal Wedding

Love this Youtube clip of Royal lookalikes: wedding day, William and Catherine.

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Run Rabbit Run

  World War II just keeps on giving us the best children’s stories. For me they began in 1963 with I Am David by Ann Holm. 1975 gave us the groundbreaking  Machine Gunners by Robert Westall and more recently Morris Gleitzman blew me away with the Once trilogy. I can now include Run Rabbit Run by Barbara Mitchelhill to that list.   Published […]

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  Happy Easter. My sister and family have come to stay for the weekend. Unfortunately the hot weather got to their gifts of chocolate eggs before we could and two carrier bags of dripping chocolate ended up in the dustbin. Never mind; it’s probably better for us in the long run!  I found this sweet counting poem […]

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Contemporary Fiction

What counts as ‘contemporary fiction’? Is it fiction written over the last couple of years or is it fiction set in the here and now? I suspect it is the latter with the proviso that it is also quite serious stuff about heavy issues. Whatever it is, I seem to have been reading a lot of it recently. I […]

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I’ve been working on the edits to Eve’s story today. This is book 10 in the Girls FC series and will be called ‘Has Anyone Seen Our Striker?’ I had to do a major overhaul of this story and my editors are really pleased with the results (phew!). However, there are always alterations to make before […]


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From one poet to another

I’ve been trying to find the poem by Elizabeth Jennings that Frank Cottrell Boyce read so movingly to me the other week. I say ‘to me’ – there were 100 other people in the church of St James the Last that day but the poem was meant for me, OK?  The only problem I have is […]

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Bookshelves are go!

Well, they’re in, they’re varnished and they’re full.  My new fitted bookshelves look great.  Richard, the joiner who made them in his workshop, brought them in two pieces: Then he fitted them. It took him all day but he did a grand job. I spent  yesterday morning varnishing them with my own fair hands. I used […]

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Women’s football kicks off

The Women’s Super League starts tomorrow. Eight teams compete for the first Football Association  WSL championship. Please read my blog about it on Goallines  I’ll be going to watch history being made at Sincil Bank in Lincoln when Lincoln Ladies take on the mighty Doncaster Belles. Watch this space…. We’ve come a long way, girls!   […]

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Staincliffe Junior School, Batley

Behold 5R, one of the three Y5 classes I met at Staincliffe Junior School today. What a great bunch they all were. They listened well and asked intelligent questions. One girl even dashed up to me at the end and presented me with a thank you card. Back at you, Maryam. And yes, I am a lovely […]


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It’s that Friday feeling again…

I don’t know about where you are but it’s been gorgeous in Nottinghamshire today. Clear sky, warm sunshine and all the blossom out on the trees. It’s days like this I feel so lucky that I work from home, doing a job I really enjoy. Being self-employed means I can stop what I’m doing and go […]

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