That Friday Feeling

Yey! It’s Friday. If I coould leap in the air like Marta, the ace Brazillian footballer, I would. There’s something about Friday’s that’s different from the rest of the week. It’s not just that you’ve got the whole of the weekend ahead of you but that you’ve put the rest of the week behind you, too. 

I feel I’ve achieved a lot this week. I finished the re-writes to ‘Has Anyone Seen Our Striker? and posted that on Tuesday. Go me!  Wednesday and Thursday was spent tidying my desk/catching up with admin/sleeping/ and today I’ve just chilled (if people still ‘chill’ instead of relax these days. There’s probably a whole new vocabulary going on out there since last time I looked).  After I chilled I did a bit of pottering, then I mooched about and now I’m having a bit of a meander. Earlier this morning I almost spent £30 on a necklace to match my new funky specs but I resisted. Every necklace I have seems to gravitate towards one boob and it’s not a good look. Trust me on this one.  I’ll put the money towards something else.

What else happened today? I Tweeted, of course. Tweeting is my new displacement activity of choice. I tweeted about Ali Sparkes and a few other writers banding together to adopt a bookshop. It’s a great idea. I’d follow suit but I’ve only just got rid of the kids and want to enjoy my freedom so adopting anything is out  (by ‘got rid of’ I mean they left home, I didn’t murder them or nuffink, guv).  While tweeting I discovered that Geraldine McCaughrean has been short listed for the Carnegie Medal for The Death Defying Pepper Roux.

Didn’t I tell you how brilliant this book was last year?  Didn’t I say it would be on the Carnegie shortlist? I hope she wins. Geraldine is such an excellent writer. Not that I’m dissing the other writers on the shortlist; it’s just, well, she is an excellent writer and she deserves global recognition. Penny Dolan will be on the shortlist next year for A Boy Called MOUSE. Watch this space. Now, if only I could predict those 6 numbers on the Lotto as accurately as Carnegie shortlistees I might be blogging this from the Maldives. Ho hum…

Still, if I were in the Maldives I wouldn’t be able to watch Peterborough Town v Bournemouth FC on Sky Sports tonight. I support neither of these teams but they’re both way too close in points to my team, Huddersfield Town. We all want that second place in League 1 (Brighton are safely through for automatic transfer to the Championship).  

Moving on from the sublime to the ridiculous.  I’ll be travelling to London tomorrow to give a talk to 90 children’s writers  on how the credit crunch is affecting us. I’m sharing the session with Tony Bradman. I’m Doom and Tony’s Gloom. Luckily Anne Cassidy, Steve Skidmore and Steve Barlow are following up our talk on how to ‘up’ your profile and we end the day with the one and only Frank ‘Millions’ Cottrell Boyce. I’ve just spent ten minutes trying to scrape off the Waterstone’s 3 for 2 sticker from my hardback copy for him to sign. Must charge my camera too so I can share the event with you next week.

On Sunday it’s back to earth with a bump. I’ll be spending Mother’s Day clearing my study because on Monday Richard the carpenter is coming to measure up my built in bookshelves. Yey! 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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