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Old Trafford: a review

Like many a tale, oft told, Lee Clark’s ‘The 2011 Play-Off Final’, his story of Huddersfield Town’s 2010-2011 campaign to get out of the League of Quagmire and into the Kingdom of Championship began well but had an unsatisfactory ending. It had all the right ingredients – the tense build up leading to a magnificent battle (see the penultimate chapter on the […]

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Deja Vu

Now that my blog entries are much easier to scroll down I’ve spent a few minutes re-reading earlier entries. I clicked on ‘May 2010’ to find out what I was doing this time last year and I was in Kiev visiting the Pechersk International School there. Wow!  All those memories came flooding back. First of […]

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   There’s a lot of stuff in the media at the moment about ‘super injunctions.’ These are court orders taken out by an individual or group to prevent something personal becoming public. Usually the people taking them out are celebrities or footballers. As I write, David Cameron is discussing super injunctions in the House of Commons. Should they be allowed? Should […]

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New Look Blog

  Hi! Do you like my new-look blog? I hope its now easier to navigate and to find old posts. I deliberately haven’t added tons of links to the side bar. Basically I’ve focused on my two areas of interest – children’s writing and football. I was going to add all my writer friends’ websites […]


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The Cool Kids of Coventry part 2: at Sacred Heart

  After a scrummy school lunch of jacket potato, beans, salad, fruit and ice cream at Holbrooks Primary it was a trip across the city to Sacred Heart. Here I was met with a sea of blue as children from Sacred Heart, St Gregory’s and Moat House schools assembled for the Pielichaty Powerpoint Special. I focused on Nika’s story about FC […]


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The Cool Kids of Coventry part 1: at Holbrooks Primary

Wow! I had a brilliant time in Coventry today. Joy Court, the Learning Resources Manager for Coventry School Libraries Service, played a blinder in fixing me up with a visit to Holbrooks Primary in the morning. Their school hall managed to squeeze in visitors from Little Heath, Edgewick, Parkgate, Keresley Grange and Templars schools, too. I used […]


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Denbighshire Writing Squad

I had a great day yesterday at Ruthin Library with the Denbighshire Writing Squad. I’m so pleased that, despite the cutbacks, Denbighshire Library Services has been able to continue this incentive.  As usual, the standard of writing the children produced was breathtaking.  It’s such a joy working with children like this I feel I ought be […]


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Today I will be mostly…

… watching football. The team I support, Huddersfield Town, are through to the League 1 play offs. This means they have to play Bournemouth FC at their gaff today and Bournemouth FC play us at ours on Wednesday. If we win over bothlegs, we then play the winners of the other two teams in the […]

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We’re Still the Dream team, Right?

Yey!  Book 9 in Girls FCis out now. Buy it! Read it!  It’s amazing and I should know because I wrote it!   Gemma Hurst is the outstanding player on the team; the one with that inate talent that everyone can spot a mile away. Not that you’d know it from the way she behaves. She […]

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Back to work…

I really enjoyed the long break over Easter that continued with the Royal Wedding and extended into the May Day Bank Holiday yesterday.  The news of Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of the US Navy Seals added an unexpected and bizarre twist to the end of the holiday but hey, at least it didn’t rain, […]

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