Back to work…

I really enjoyed the long break over Easter that continued with the Royal Wedding and extended into the May Day Bank Holiday yesterday.  The news of Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of the US Navy Seals added an unexpected and bizarre twist to the end of the holiday but hey, at least it didn’t rain, ey?

This morning was the first time I’d had the house to myself for 10 days and it felt too quiet so I took myself off into town and did some planning in a cafe there. Luckily Tuesday isn’t market day so I managed to get my favourite table next to the window. As you can see I had the sun streaming in as I wrote so had to wear sunglasses indoors. I usually scoff at people who do that – it always seems a bit affected to wear ‘shades’ inside but I like to think in this instance it was justified and I feel they added to my mystique. Well, no one tried to sit next to me anyway!  Two regular cappuccinos and a glass of water later I had the basic plot outline to Girls FC Book 11 worked out. Book 11 – wow! Only this one and the final story to go then I have completed the series. I feel a party coming on…

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