Deja Vu

Now that my blog entries are much easier to scroll down I’ve spent a few minutes re-reading earlier entries. I clicked on ‘May 2010’ to find out what I was doing this time last year and I was in Kiev visiting the Pechersk International School there. Wow!  All those memories came flooding back. First of all – and here’s the deja vu bit – the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland threatened to put the kibosh on my flight and almost to the day that’s happened to travellers again.  Spooky…

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The visit to Kiev was really important to me because Nika’s story, What’s Ukrainian for Football? was set there during WW2. Just to walk the same streets as Kolya and the other players from the famous FC Start team was an unforgetable and moving experience.

Also at the same time last year. Huddersfield Town FC, the team I support, (as if you didn’t know!) were in the play-offs. Et voila…we are again. In 2010 we lost to Millwall FC in the semi-finals. This time we’re looking much stronger and have made it to the finals. On Sunday I go to Old Trafford (if my ticket arrives – hello, Ticketmaster – still waiting…) to watch them take on Peterborough United.

Excited doesn’t begin to cover it. Tense, edgy, concerned … and that’s just about where to park the car in Manchester!

I don’t blog about football as much on her now as I used Goal lines blogspot to vent (see links).

Meanwhile I’m writing fashionista Amy’s story. Book #11 in Girls FC. Phew! One more book after this and the squad  is complete.

More news and thoughts soon!

Helena xx

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