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Hi! Do you like my new-look blog? I hope its now easier to navigate and to find old posts. I deliberately haven’t added tons of links to the side bar. Basically I’ve focused on my two areas of interest – children’s writing and football. I was going to add all my writer friends’ websites but it would have taken too long and also I’m aware I’d have left someone out and I hate doing that. Exclusion is one of my pet hates. It happens a lot in the world of publishing. The most recent example of it happening to me was at a CWIG talk (see side bar!) I went to on Tuesday. My editor, Kathy Webb, from OUP was speaking on the importance of quality fiction for the 6-9 age range. John Dougherty, my soon to be ex-mate introduced her thus: ‘…Kathy has worked with many great authors including Joanna Nadin.’ Well, thanks a bunch, John!  Hello!  Helena Pielichaty and Gillian Cross IN THE ROOM, also great authors with OUP and of much longer standing, one of whom happened to have won the Carnegie Medal(clue: it wasn’t me). No offence, Joanna, John, but…

It’s the same when you’re appearing at a festival. The ‘headline’ acts will get all the name checks in the media, which is fair enough, but it does make you feel as if you are there just to make up the numbers. Not that I’m bitter or anything…

So rather than fall into the same trap I’ve included the Scattered Authors Society Website which pretty much includes most of my friends anyway and a small selection of good reviewers’ blogs. Armadillo, Book Witch, Bookbag, Chicklish and  To the Point all review books well and in an intelligent manner.

Nicola Morgan’s Help I Need a Publisher is there for anyone who – you’ve guessed it – needs a publisher. Nicola’s website is a Godsend. I often have people phoning me at home who have written something but don’t know what to do next. The ‘bible’ for such things – the Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook is OK but it’s a bit overwhelming trying to decide what agency to approach etc. Help I Need a Publisher sorts all that out.

 One the other hand, having said I’m not listing my writer friends I have included Tom Palmer but that’s because we work together as Reads United so it’s a business thang, dude. 

Anyway, thank you for reading today’s blog and I hope you’ll enjoy checking out old posts and new ones. Cheers for now,

Helena xx


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