Old Trafford: a review

Like many a tale, oft told, Lee Clark’s ‘The 2011 Play-Off Final’, his story of Huddersfield Town’s 2010-2011 campaign to get out of the League of Quagmire and into the Kingdom of Championship began well but had an unsatisfactory ending. It had all the right ingredients – the tense build up leading to a magnificent battle (see the penultimate chapter on the Great Penalty Shoot Out against Bournemouth). Here, the writer came into his own, penning incredible, nailbiting scenes with great panache. Added to earlier twists such as losing main characters – the young Smithies and the popular hero Pilks – it made for riveting stuff. However, the final denoument against Peterborough United, despite the powerful setting of Old Trafford just lacked something somehow.  For me, the good guys didn’t win and the reader always likes the good guys to win. It was a great effort though and an improvement on Clark’s previous title ‘Millwall 2009-2010’. I’m sure this young writer will go far –  he just needs to work on those endings.

9 out of 10

‘Huddersfield Town – the 2011 Play-Off Final’ by Lee Clark. Published by Dean Hoyle.

‘Lee Clark just needs to work on those endings’

Helena Pielichaty

A fuller review of this story will be appearing on Goal lines blog later today.

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