There’s a lot of stuff in the media at the moment about ‘super injunctions.’ These are court orders taken out by an individual or group to prevent something personal becoming public. Usually the people taking them out are celebrities or footballers. As I write, David Cameron is discussing super injunctions in the House of Commons. Should they be allowed? Should a person have the right to prevent their private life becoming common knowledge or is what they do everybody’s business?

Luckily I don’t have to decide on such things but one thing’s for sure; when the media get a whiff of who has taken out a super injunction and why, they won’t let it rest until the whole sorry mess becomes public, regardless of who is hurt in the process.  It makes you wonder whether if the person had just fessed up in the first place they might have avoided making things worse. 

The topic got me thinking about secrets. Secrets are such a big theme in stories. A quick search of books with ‘secret’ in the title on Amazon threw up four pages of them. Frances Hodgson Burnett’s ‘The Secret Garden’ being the most obvious, then Jacqueline Wilson’s ‘Secrets’ and even her autobiography is ‘My Secret Diary.’  Then there are series such as The Secret Seven, My Secret Unicorn  or Pony Club Secrets.  Stand alone titles include The Secret Life of Bees, The Secret Scripture, The Secret History, The Secret Circle. Titles about ‘a’ secret include A Secret Rage, A Secret Affair, A Secret Love (we are deep into Mills and Boon territory here). Not forgetting Kitchen Secrets, The Takeaway Secret and My Secret War Diary (Flossie Albright – Walker Books)

Many books use secrets as a device to keep the reader hooked. The writer will either build it in as a mystery and reveal the big secret near the end or share it with the reader early on so we wait, anxiously or excitedly, for the character to find it out what we already know. David Copperfield – you will be so shocked when you find out who has been secretly supporting you financially all these years.   Edward Cullen, you are way too cool for school and we all know why! Your identity is safe with us ‘Joe’ (from the recently reviewed YA novel When I Was Joe by Keren David) As for that Clark Kent… those geeky specs are fooling no one, bud.

With secrets come the urge to share them because our characters are only human and with that often comes betrayal. What happens to the friendship when a best friend lets you down and tells your secret to someone else?  You’ve got a cracking story, that’s what!

Check out the latest title in my Girls FC books, We’re Still the Dream Team, Right? and find out what happens when Gemma shares her secret with Eve…

You won’t be disappointed.

What’s the best book with a secret in it that you’ve ever read?

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