The Cool Kids of Coventry part 2: at Sacred Heart


After a scrummy school lunch of jacket potato, beans, salad, fruit and ice cream at Holbrooks Primary it was a trip across the city to Sacred Heart. Here I was met with a sea of blue as children from Sacred Heart, St Gregory’s and Moat House schools assembled for the Pielichaty Powerpoint Special. I focused on Nika’s story about FC Start for this session. Well, I was already impressed with Coventry kids after the morning at Holbrooks but this was the icing on the cake. I don’t know what they put in the water in Warwickshire but it isn’t half turning out some great teachers and children. They were all polite, enthusiastic and, once more, avid readers. Win-win!

Sacred Heart already has a football star in the making (below). Courtney plays for school and Coventry City Ladies juniors

Shannon (above, left) told me a great joke. Q: Why was the Egyptian confused? A: Because his daddy was a mummy. Nice one, Shannon.

What a delightful day – well worth getting up at 06.20 for! I’ll sleep with a smile on my face tonight, that’s for sure.


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