We’re Still the Dream team, Right?

Yey!  Book 9 in Girls FCis out now. Buy it! Read it!  It’s amazing and I should know because I wrote it!   Gemma Hurst is the outstanding player on the team; the one with that inate talent that everyone can spot a mile away. Not that you’d know it from the way she behaves. She cringes if you mention how good she is and trying to take a picture of her for the Parrs website is almost impossible. She’s so shy it’s painful. But is modesty and shyness the real reason behind Gemma’s reluctance to accept praise? Or is there something else?  Find out in this latest instalment of this phenomenal* series.

* Well I think it’s phenomenal and if a girl can’t big herself up on her own blog, when can she, eh? Eh?  £4.99. Bargain.

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