Billy Wingrove

One of the main reasons I drove all the way to Birmingham’s NEC (see previous post) on a beautiful day in June when I could have been drinking iced tea in the garden (I mean, writing away….) was because I wanted to see Billy Wingrove.

Billy is one of the top freestylers in the UK. In fact now I’ve met him I’m going to say he’s THE top freestyler in the UK because he’s such a good bloke. Despite giving physically demanding demonstrations at regular intervals throughout the Grassroots weekend, autographing his DVD (Learn Freestyle Football 1) for a legion of fans and running skills sessions he still had time to talk to me.

Without giving too much away to fans of GIRLS FC I asked Billy about freestyling; how he got into it, what it is and so on.  What came across instantly, from both him and his management team, was the sheer enthusiasm for what he does. Not only that, how keen he is to show kids that, with practice they too could become good at something just as skilful.  It was obvious from the depth of the crowd watching one of Billy and his partner Jeremy’s demos what a role model he was. The kids eyes were on stalks as they did what can only be described as magic ball tricks. At times the pair of them looked more like seals than humans, so fluid were their movements. Inspirational!

Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch about to start their freestyle demo at the NEC

My camera doesn’t do justice to the movement of freestyle football!

Thank you to Billy and his mate who I hope was called John but if not, is now!  I really appreciated the time you took. Hope to see you next year when Amy’s story comes out.


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