Goodyers End Primary School & St Giles

My bostin’ time in Bedworth continued in the afternoon as I crossed town to Goodyers End Primary School. After a generous school lunch of chicken pasta with fresh broccoli followed by vanilla ice cream I was ready for round two.

Where to begin?  Q: How many kids can you get in a school hall?

A: Hundreds!

Both Goodyers End and St Giles, the visiting school, have a large intake and there wasn’t much room to breathe by the time everyone was sitting down. It didn’t matter though. The kids were super again and joined in the event with gusto. I wish I’d taken photographs to show you of William, who played my character Danny Ogle, most convincingly and of poor Ezrie who, like Ellie this morning, volunteered to be Lily Parr. Unfortunately I swapped the order of my readings and did the Danny Ogle extract first, forgetting poor Ezrie waiting in the corridor outside in Lily’s heavy jumper and boots. I hope the signed copy of Simone makes up for it!

The session seemed to pass in an instant and I’m so sorry if any pupil had questions they wanted to ask and didn’t get chance. Do post a comment if there’s anything you’re dying to know or say.

I must thank Mrs Daniels, the head teacher of Goodyers End, for setting up the whole day and making it such a success and also Tony for helping me with the Powerpoint and Lynda, the school librarian who was WONDERFUL because she sorted out all the book sales without once pulling her hair out. Librarians are such a special breed, aren’t they?

Helena xx


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  1. KC5/6

    Wow, we had a great afternoon. Thank you so much for your inspirational presentation on Girls’ Football. I think the boys were shocked to realise just how popular the Ladies’ game had been in the past. We loved the humour, there were certainly a few memories to put into our year books. Ezrie did have a slight limp at the end of the day, but I expect she’ll be fine tomorrow and I’m hoping to hear all about the new book – she’s an avid reader! You certainly communicated your message to us very well. I’m looking forward to reading the children’s next batch of stories – maybe we have an author in waiting too!
    P.S. You’re right about librarians being a special breed. Lovely Lynda has been known to breathe fire and brimstone when she’s upset. (Fortunately that doesn’t happen too often – we couldn’t afford to keep replacing the books!)

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, Susane. I’ll change the spelling of Ezrie’s name for a start and I’ll have to think twice about using the boots from the museum – they’re obviously lethal! I’d love to think my talk inspired future stories from the pupils. I had a great day, too 🙂

  2. sophie

    Hi helena
    I was on of st giles pupils and i thought you were great!Im diffintly going to buy your books.I absoultly LOVE reading!This saturday I am going to buy one of your books.
    Please replie
    From sophie.

    • Hi Sophie,
      So glad you enjoyed my visit and I hope you manage to get one of my books on Saturday. If they don’t have them in the shop tell them how brilliant I am!

      • sophie

        Hi Helena
        I also wanted to say that do
        you always write about football?
        And have you got any pets?
        From sophie

        • Hi Sophie. No, I don’t always write about football it just seems like it at the moment! If you look at the ‘books’ page on my website you’ll see all theo ther stuff I’ve written about.
          I haven’t got any pets, I’m afraid. I’m too lazy to look after one. If I had a pet it would be a dog, I guess, but it would have to put its own pooh in the bin!

  3. jamie

    hi helena
    i am in st giles junior school and iam in year 4 i think the things that you talked about is were brilliant.

    from jamie geddes

  4. fayth brooks

    thanks for vising goodyers end primary school on the 8/06/11,i really enjoyed the visit and i really loved you reading to me it was very nice to see you and i would like to see you again,thanks again fayth brooks 🙂 x

  5. fayth brooks

    And i relly like the walk down to seee you and i got VERY wet on the way down but it was worth getting wet because you very amazing fayth x 😛

  6. ben.s

    thanks a lot for coming into our school, i am the tall one that showed you the little, cute rabbits, it was brilliant having you here and i hope you come again, but unfortunatle, i am leaving this year as im in year six so, thanks for coming and good bye !!! 😀

  7. Annie

    hi,i am one of the goodyers end pupils.I bought one of your books and am loving it sooo far, it inspired me to try and win a cricket festival to day ( even though it was about football) and we won!!! and we’ve got a big trophy now A HUGE THANK YOU,Anniexxx

  8. lynda gambrill

    hi, helena, I am the fire breathing librarian dragon you do not cross.Thankyou for a brilliant day at both schools. Ezrie is not speaking to me at the moment for getting her to dress up and falling over. It looks like we will be adding a new author to our library. The children had better look after the books they borrow or I will be breathing fire on them.

    • Hi Lynda,
      Poor Ezrie – I really feel bad. I need to warn the Football Museum about the studs on the boots. Thanks again for all the help. There’s something in the post winging its way to you.

  9. caitlin


  10. harry

    it was cool

  11. harry

    i’m harry

  12. harry


    i’m in year 4

  13. Jimbob

    i dont like football but i liked your books thanks for coming i still remember it i only found this page when i typed in goodyers end my old school and it came up with this web page.

  14. keelie

    hello helna x

  15. alisha

    hey i realy enjoyed when u came 2 our school

  16. i enjoyed it when u came 2 our school

  17. i really enjoy ur book can’t i just kick it! (loved it)