Other Worlds

Isn’t this tree awe inspiring?  It’s in the grounds of Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire. The second I saw it I was transported back to my childhood. I used to love playing in and on trees – climbing from branch to branch, swinging from them, jumping up and down. Trees are nature’s climbing frames. This one would make a brilliant den, wouldn’t it?  Or maybe not. Now that I look closer at it there’s something slightly sinister about the shape of this one. The trunk is a bit too thick; the branches a little too gnarled and antennae-like. This is not a tree I’d take shelter from in a storm which means it would be a great one to use as a base for a story.

Stories/myths  featuring trees, woods and forests:

Isaac Newton and the apple tree that helped him discover gravity (ouch!)

 Sherwood Forest & Robin Hood

Treebeard and Ents in Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings

Narnia (of course)

Into the Woods – Lyn Garner

The Magic Faraway Tree – Enid Blyton

Shadow Forest – Matt Haig

and just about every Grimm’s tale…






The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest as it is today

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