Selby High School

   First of all apologies for the late posting of this blog. It was thundering and lightning all evening so I daren’t switch on my computer. That’s how they die! Trust me, I’ve learned that one from experience. The other thing I’ve learned from experience is that I can tell what sort of a school event I’m going to have before I step foot in the place. I know from the correspondence beforehand if it’s going to be well organised and I know from the way I’m greeted upon arrival if it’s going to be a success. Yesterday was a success.  Miss McQueen of the English department did everything in her power to make sure it was! She phoned and emailed to ensure I was kept up to date with any changes to the programme. She double checked what equipment I needed. She sorted out the technical and book selling side of things and even – and this raised the visit from an A to an A* – reserved me a car parking space at the entrance to the school.  If only I’d been as well organised and brought my camera I could have taken a picture of Miss McQueen to show you what a super star looks like.

What was even more impressive was that Miss McQueen wasn’t the only member of staff who made me feel so welcome. Mr Eckersely, the head, went out of his way to say hello; I had not one but three technicians sorting out the Powerpoint presentation and one of the members of the English department waded straight in nae bather when asked to dress up as Nettie Honeyball. Meanwhile up in the LRC room Mrs Cobb the librarian was marshalling her troops and had all my books out ready for girls to look at afterwards. And I haven’t even mentioned the Y7 and 8 girls themselves who participated with such enthusiasm.

My Girls FC tour has ended now but I’ve enjoyed every school I’ve visited and hope they’ve enjoyed finding out about Lily Parr, Nettie Honeyball, FC Start and my Auntie Pat as much as I’ve enjoyed telling them.

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