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I’ve just been browsing through one of my son’s books. It’s called ‘Artists in their Studios’ and is full of black and white images of various American artists in their … um… studios. Anyway, I thought you might like a nosy round my study, seeing as it’s fairly tidy at the moment. I suppose if I were being proper arty I’d let you see it in its full glory when I’m mid-book and all over the place. Back at you in a couple of weeks for that.

OK, picture 1  is where the main action takes place. Bog standard Dell computer (very old – wouldn’t fetch much if you’re a burglar reading this). Bog standard table (MFI job – cheap as chips).  On the shelf above are my reference books – dictionaries, books of names etc. The mug on the shelf says ‘I’m a famous writer’. I bought it for myself from the fab Cafe Press website in an ironic moment. The blue and pink laminated sheet on the wall reads: ‘Croeso! Welcome! Helena Pielichaty. I pinched it after a school visit in Wales.  Hanging from the shelf is a list of terms I found in girls’ magazines as research for Amy’s story.

This is further along the same wall. That’s my old desk. It’s reclaimed pine. I think it was reclaimed from somewhere dodgy because the drawers never opened properly and the knobs are held in with Blu Tak but there you go. I always fancied one of those Victorian roll top numbers with the tiny drawers inside but until those six Lotto numbers come up…

The box files  are mainly local history stuff. I catalogue our village archives and tend to accumulate old photos like Stephen Fry collects Twitter followers – far too many to know what to do with. The magazine rack contains publications of The Author, Teen Reads and Carousel. You can just see a template of Andy Booth, a Huddersfield Town legend – sticking out of the top. The templates, to be worn like masks, were souvenirs given away at the last match he played for us.  I haven’t found a place for him yet.

This section is to the left of my desk. You can see the covers of the last three Girls FC books I’ve been working on plus a map of Europe. The colour chart above the map helps me with shades if I’m describing the precise colour of something in my writing. There’s also a Women’s Super League fixture list free with She Kicks magazine. On the windowsill is a post card signed by Philip Pullman and an ornament of a kingfisher that was given to me as a present from Gwen Grant.

Here’s my reading corner. I had the bookshelves built in a couple of months ago. The books are all children’s books, including mine (ahem) which take up the entire fifth shelf. That’s including reprints, foreign editions and out of print editions but it’s still not bad as I keep reminding myself when I visit a Waterstone’s and you’d think I didn’t exist.

The upright flock chair was my grandma’s.  When I’m reading I’ll turn it round to face the garden and feel close to her. If I wanted to actually turn into her I’d need a Mills and Boon book on one side and a bag of sweets on the other. I’m not far off these days, to be honest.  

And that’s my room.  If you want to nosy round other writers’ rooms check out this link to The Guardian’s series of them.


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