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Book Review: The Cardturner by Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar won my heart with Holes, his YA novel about a bunch of boys sent to dig holes in the middle of a desert as a punishment. If you haven’t read it, you should – it’s full of wonderful characters and surprising revelations. Pure brilliance. The Cardturner is Sachar’s latest book for teens.  I think ‘quirky’ is […]

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Bath Kids Lit Festival

I performed at the Bath Kids Lit Festival yesterday.  I was doing a Reads United event with Tom Palmer at the Mission Theatre. As our performance didn’t start until 2.45, rather than stay in a hotel overnight I drove down that morning, planning to arrive in plenty of time, have a leisurely lunch with Tom, then […]

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Summer Reading Challenge

Who says kids don’t read? Of course they do.  Roll up, roll up and behold the evidence!  These children were at Balderton Library just outside Newark in Nottinghamshire yesterday to receive their certificates and medals for taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge. The theme this year was Circus Stars. Here are some of the stars who […]

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Book News Blog: Has Anyone Seen Our Striker?

I’m delighted to announce that Eve’s story, book 10 in the Girls FC series, is out next week. Has Anyone Seen Our Striker? follows on from Gemma’s story ‘We’re Still the Dream Team, Right? although you don’t need to read Gemma’s story to read Eve’s. It is almost the end of the second season. Several of […]

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Non-fiction for beginners

Yikes!  I’ve been asked to write a short (3000 words) non-fiction book on girls’ football. It’s for girls who struggle to read so has to have a simple sentence structure but must be attention-grabbing. I’m really looking forward to the challenge but not sure where to begin. I guess I could just get a boys’ football book […]

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I woke up really early yesterday – about 04.45 – and could not get back to sleep. I came downstairs, picked up Wendy Cope’s new volume of poems ‘Family Values’ lying on the side of a chair and chanced upon the poem ‘Spared’.  It is Wendy Cope’s reaction to what has become known as simply ‘9/11.’ How […]


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Who do you think you are?

I watched the Larry Lamb (Gavin’s dad in Gavin and Stacey) on Who do you think you are?(the TV programme that traces famous people’s ancestry) last week.  It was fascinating. Lamb’s grandparents’ family were a big name in the world of travelling fairs, running menageries and taming lions and all sorts of exciting things. One guy went […]

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September is…

I can’t believe it’s the 1st of September already. September is my sister’s birthday. Happy birthday sis! It’s also my Uncle Kevin’s birthday. He died in a road accident when he was 13. I was 8. I was next to him when he was killed but I don’t remember anything about it. I think my mind […]

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