Book News Blog: Has Anyone Seen Our Striker?

I’m delighted to announce that Eve’s story, book 10 in the Girls FC series, is out next week. Has Anyone Seen Our Striker? follows on from Gemma’s story ‘We’re Still the Dream Team, Right? although you don’t need to read Gemma’s story to read Eve’s.

It is almost the end of the second season. Several of the Parrs, including Eve, will be leaving as they’ll be too old to continue as an U11 next time. Eve Akboh is my bouncy, bright character who makes everybody laugh. She lives with her mum and two older brothers in a roomy terrace house near the centre of town. Her dad died when she was five and every goal she scores is for him. Only she’s not scoring any goals at the moment. Her form is shocking; she couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. Things just haven’t been the same since *spoiler alert* Gemma left the team and Eve misses her strike partner so much.  With the all-important Nettie Honeyball Cup matches coming up she knows she needs to up her game… or else end her time on the team feeling she’s let everyone down. How can she make up for what happened and get her act together?

I hope people enjoy Has Anyone Seen My Striker. It’s got a cracking ending, even if I do say so myself.  £4.99.

The other news is my YA fiction is now available on Kindle.


Never Ever is my dual-narrative about opposites Erin and Liam. The one fans told me was ‘…better than Twilight.’  Get in!  Buy it from Amazon here:  Never Ever

Saturday Girl is also on Kindle:

Saturday Girl was previously called Getting Rid of Karenna. It has been in print for over twelve years and been published in Slovenian. The story shows how you can overcome bullying, no matter how long after the event.  

My third and most recent YA title to ‘go Kindle’ is Accidental Friends. Like Never Ever and Saturday Girl this got great reviews and was shortlisted for three prizes (Catalyst, Young Minds and Birmingham Libraries). It’s set in Newark and Nottingham and is one of my favourite books. I think it’s perfect for those GCSE years!

 Read Amazon reviews here: Accidental Friends 

All the Kindle books are £3.67 which is as cheap as chips. I know e-books are a growing market but I do hope paperback books stay on shelves in bookshops too. There’s a limit to how much time the eyes can take in things on a screen.  Also they break and need recharging.

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