Holly’s Poem


How tremendous is this? Holly’s poem was sent to me by her headteacher, Mr Tim Redgrave. Mr Redgrave was so proud of Holly’s achievement he wanted to share it with me and now I want to share it with you:

 World War II

Bouncing around,

On my Mother’s knee,

Smiling, so happy,

As you can see.


A sudden crash,

And Father goes up,

He never came down,

The bombing has struck.


Mother grabs possessions,

Heirlooms and food,

Rushing around,

With no time to brood.


I went out the door,

But a blazing fire,

Was set in my house,

And I knew my desire,


Was to get Mother out,

But the ashes remain,

Her cause of death,

Is visible, quite plain.


I then ran around,

Searching for a home,

I have now found a shelter,

Just with me on my own.


Alarms have been sounded,

Darkness everywhere,

Curled up in this shelter,

It feels more like a lair.


Frightened, alone,

Muddy and wet,

I’m lost and scared,

Memories I regret.


No-one to care,

Crying and sad

No family there,

I’m nobody’s lad.


Hearing bombing planes,

Surrounded by fire,

The noise as they drop,

No jolly Town Crier.


Houses destroyed,

Bodies are scattered,

Big pools of blood,

I’m now worn out and battered.


Seeing the cuts,

That covered my leg,

I began to scream,

Plead and beg.


Someone comes over,

Looking quite wary,

By then I’m just sobbing,

In a scene so scary.


Now looking concerned,

He picks me up,

Puffing and panting,

He climbs into a truck.


Driving so fast,

Remembering my past,

Thinking I’m in trouble,

The tears go double.


Arrived at a big building,

Being carried inside,

I realised it is a hospital,

How hard I had cried.


I was surrounded by people,

Next to my bed,

Though I was put into clothes,

They were shaking their heads.


My pulse is slowing,

I feel like death,

I lie on my bed,

Taking one final breath.


By Holly Roberts (Yr6) 


Holly is a member of Denbighshire Writing Squad, a project funded by Denbighshire Library Services to nurture the writing talent of children in the area.

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