Sticky Ends

Want to buy a book for a younger brother / sister/child this Christmas? Aged about… 6 or 7?  Try this new hardback book of Cautionary Tales by the impossibly prolific Jeanne Willis . I loved her cat tale Silly Cecil and Clever Cubs and Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets is genius but Sticky Ends is funny too.


I’ve got a feeling the 26 tales in Sticky Ends might become a rival for Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes. Now that’s saying something. Here’s an extract from one of my favourites, Felicity Finch.

Felicity Finch was prone to pinch

Her little friends at nursery,

No matter what the teacher said

She went from bad to worsery.

They forced her into knitted mitts

And hoped that it would foil her

But she bit the mittens off

And thew them in the boiler.

Ha! Love the ‘bad to worsery’ line. The book’s full of them.

Sticky Ends by Jeanne Willis with illustrations by Tony Ross. Published by Andersen Press at £9.99

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