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Nuggets: Barkston & Syston C of E Primary part 2

It’s always great when schools follow up an author visit. It’s even greater when the school lets you know about it. Mrs Adams from Syston and Barkston (last week) has sent these extracts from children’s creative writing: Author day highlights from Barkston & Syston, Red Deer class adventures. On the day I made my daring […]

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School Visits for Beginners

It’s been a busy few days. It seems when I’m not actually visiting schools I’m talking about visiting schools!  I was in London yesterday with fellow children’s writers Dianne Hofmeyr and Bali Rai at Society of Authors HQ. Our mission: to give tips on author visits to writers who haven never done them before. To find out […]

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Anne Tyler

I’m so excited! I have just booked to go and hear one of my favourite authors speak at the Oxford Lit Fest next week. American novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner Anne Tyler is making a rare appearance and I have to go even though it means getting up at 6.00 am to arrive in Oxford […]

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Barkston and Syston C of E Primary and the rivers of blood…

School visits. They’re tiring 🙁 They prevent me from writing 🙁 They take me miles from home, on motorways I don’t want to be on 🙁 but… …I still love them! 😀 I love meeting the children and talking to them about reading and books and stories and ideas. I love meeting the teachers and librarians who nurture the […]


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Happy First Day of Spring

Let’s hear it for Spring everybody. Come on; I want you all to show your appreciation for its longer days and lighter evenings, its brazen blossom and uplifting flowers.    Blossom on my neighbour’s apple tree this morning I love the shyness and pristine modesty of snowdrops but daffodils are probably my favourite. Daffodils are the […]


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Glapton Primary and Nursery School

Go Glapton! I had a great day today at Glapton Primary School. Considering the school was on the outskirts of the city of Nottingham I met a wide variety of wildlife;  Hares, Swans, Mallards and Stags. Amazing!  These class names were so much more interesting than plain old ‘Year Four’ ‘Year Five’ and so on.     Presenting […]


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This is our school let peace dwell here

Hello to everyone I visited at Ellison Boulters C of E Primary in Lincolnshire today. Thank you for inviting me to share your Book Week with you. Pupils at Ellison Boulters You were all smashing and made me feel really welcome. It was especially good to catch up with Mr Hukin. Mr Hukin helped me […]


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Happy World Book Day

OK. What character have you had to dress up as for World Book Day? Let me guess. Pippi Longstocking? Harry Potter? Or, if you’ve got really good taste: Girls FC fan and Everton U11s goalie Lizzie Craven as Megan at her school last year Perhaps your school has done something more inventive than dressing up?   A […]

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