We’re on our way to Wembley…

Forget the Champions League and EURO2012. There’s only one big football match this season and it’s Huddersfield Town versus Sheffield United at Wembley on May 26th. Whoever wins will be promoted to the Championship in the npower League. That’s only one down from the Premiership. Bring it on!

Now, for fans of both Yorkshire teams that means a journey of about three hours to Wembley Stadium. They’re going to need something to read on the coach, right? Something to steady the nerves and distract them?

Here are my suggestions.

For Sheffield United fans try my Young Adult book Saturday Girl (12+). Suzanne, the main character, is a Sheffield United supporter. It’s available in paperback and Kindle editions. It’s heartwarming and laugh-out-loud funny in parts (even if I do say so myself) and based on my experiences of teaching in Sheffield in the 80s. Probably more for girls than boys.


For Huddersfield Town fans there’s only one book and that’s There’s Only One Danny Ogle (junior fiction 8+)  Danny supports Huddersfield and is gutted when his family move and he has to leave all his mates at Frank Worthington Juniors (see what I did there, Town fans?) behind. How will he cope in a new school that doesn’t even have a football team and where all the kids make fun of him for supporting Town?

There’s Only One Danny Ogle is one of four brilliant books in ‘Football Mad’ The other three books don’t mention Huddersfield so Sheffield United fans could enjoy it too.


photographs © Kettering Baccleuch Academy from one of my school visits. Look at the sheer joy on that little lad’s face because he got to wear a Town shirt!

Of course, for fans of both teams there’s the whole of my Girls FC series. Parents, why not download the word-search and the template to design a new football kit?  More stuff to do on the coach, see! I am covering all options here.

Girls FC. Red and white there, Sheffield United fans. Red and white. That’s all I’m saying.


As I’m feeling magnanimous I’ll mention that there are other books about football out there by other authors. I blogged about Tom Palmer’s new series The Squad only last week and Bali Rai’s Soccer Squad is good fun, too.


Back soon. I’ve got loads to tell you, not just about football but also about what I’m doing with the Children’s Illustrators and Writers Group, including something very special next week. Watch this space.








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