A library without a librarian is just a room

‘A library without a librarian is just a room.’ That was just one of the many memorable things children’s writer and libraries campaigner Alan Gibbons said during his talk at Lowdham Book Festival yesterday. It was the second time I’d heard Alan speak this week on the importance of libraries and literacy. iphone 7 bentoben case The first time, at the CWIG Joined-Up Reading Conference, he was given a rousing cheer every time he spoke by everyone in the audience (i.e. silicone case for iphone 7 fellow writers). Terence Blacker, chairing, remarked wryly that the reaction was ‘mildly irritating.’ I’m sure a lot of people find Alan Gibbons more than ‘mildly’ irritating. hello kitty phone case iphone 7 MPs and councillors, mainly, who try to close libraries by stealth and find themselves being ousted by Gibbons on his blog, their flawed arguments roundly rebuffed by the Cheshire man’s up-to-date statistics and sound reasoning. Alan Gibbons speaking in St Mary’s Church, Lowdham on September 20th I admire Alan tremendously. I would love to have half his energy and tireless commitment. He was one of the first to see the danger signs a few years ago when school librarians told him about how they were being made redundant in budget cuts. He took up their cause; he fought their corner. Then, when the Recession began to bite and public libraries were targeted for cutbacks, he was leading the charge to save and protect them, too. He doesn’t have to do this. He could stay at home, writing more of his YA books.   The Number 7 Shirt – a Barrington Stoke book for reluctant readers by Alan Gibbons   An Act of Love, Alan Gibbons latest YA book which is on my ‘to read’ pile. Caught in the Crossfire, an earlier book by Gibbons, was tremendous on racial tension.   No, he doesn’t have to do this at all. ‘It’s nothing to do with me,’ he could say. Instead, he’s out there, talking in cold churches on wet Thursday evenings before facing another three hour drive to another destination the next day. phone case iphone 6 flamingo He’s blogging and supporting, lobbying and cajoling. He’s the voice of librarians too afraid to lose their jobs speak out. He’s the voice of children’s writers fearful for the next generation of children growing up with access to decent books. He’s also a decent bloke, with a wicked sense of humour, (for a Man United supporter). He’s a people’s champion in every sense. case for iphone 7 plus 360 Alan Gibbons, I salute you.


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