Summer Reading Challenge: Sutton-on-Trent crowned Newark Champions

A few months ago I came up with a splendid idea. iphone 6 survival case I’m always having splendid ideas; it can be a bit of a pain, to be honest. Anyway, you know how I’m always banging on about how I wouldn’t be a writer if it hadn’t been for my local library turning me into a reader first? Well, I wanted to support local schools and libraries to do that for today’s children. I enlisted the help of fellow published writers Michael Cox and Elizabeth Baguley and we offered to donate copies of our books to whichever Newark primary school had the highest percentage of participation in the Summer Reading Challenge. Yesterday we went along to present those books to the winning school, Sutton-on-Trent Primary . I was delighted when I knew Sutton-on-Trent had won, not least because: a) I used to teach there so I have a special bond with them. b) They had to make a real effort to participate because they have the smallest public library in Nottinghamshire to go to, with the fewest opening hours available to them (8 hours a week). Townies don’t know how lucky they are! c) The school worked with the library services to open an extra hour a week in order that pupils could change their books during school time (enabling Sutton-on-Trent library to open 9 hours a week). d) The extra hour was paid for from the Save Sutton-on-Trent Library Group. mad iphone 7 case In other words, it was a joint communal effort between teachers, librarians and parents that made participation in the Summer Reading Challenge even possible. The win was the icing on the cake.                               Michael Cox, Helena P and Elizabeth Baguley with the children from Sutton-on-Trent Primary School who completed the Summer Reading Challenge. iphone 6 unicorn case for girls Over 35% of pupils took part, the highest of the 12 schools.                           Sonia Harris and Clare Tobin from Nottinghamshire Library Services. Although Nottinghamshire haven’t closed any public libraries during the current cuts, they have lost a lot of staff. Sonia and Clare and many others worked hard to make sure children could still take part in the Summer Reading Challenge,despite having to cover more libraries between them. heavy duty iphone 7 case card holder Three cheers for lovely librarians! Hip, hip…                     Two Sutton-on-Trent pupils get stuck in to the new books straight away                                 Sutton-on-Trent Library, Nottinghamshire. It might be small but its reach is mighty   Afterwards, Michael and Elizabeth had to go but I had more fish to fry. Oh yeah. You see I’d given Sutton-on-Trent and extra incentive (before I realised they were going to win the whole bloomin’ thing, mind you). tommy iphone 6 case Like with Ysgol Esgob Morgan, where I’m Patron of Reading, a few months earlier I’d waved a shiny cup in the assembly air. The Summer Reading Challenge Cup, no less, to be awarded to the class who had most pupils completing the challenge. At Ysgol Esgob Morgan we had a problem. As I blogged here they all went and got 100%, didn’t they? At Sutton-on-Trent we had no such dilemma. Mrs Beeching and Mrs King’s Y3/4 Class got the honours.                       Jamie and Oliver (as opposed to Jamie Oliver!) with the cup                                 Wahoo! Permission to go a tiny bit wild, please. Congratulations to the pupils at Sutton-on-Trent Primary, as well as all the hard-working staff, parents and librarians. What stars you are.

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