Return to Ysgol Esgob Morgan

I returned to the small but perfectly-formed city of St Asaph yesterday to check up on how everyone was getting on at Ysgol Esgob Morgan (where I’m Patron of Reading) . I know what a dangerous time the end of term is for teachers. They have so many things going on they’re likely to explode so I thought I’d better see if  they were OK and mop a few brows. As it turned out they were far too seasoned to get stressed so we chatted about books instead.

I did my bit by bobbing into assembly to ‘big up’ the Summer Reading Challenge thoughI’m not sure it needed ‘bigging up.’ Ysgol Esgob Morgan already has 100% library membership and over 90% regularly take part in the  Challenge. How incredible is that?


After that I dropped in on Mr Hatwood’s class:

Cool and the Gang

…Saw Mrs Foulkes trying her best to do ‘circle time’ in the hall with her class:

 …. despite the hindrance from Mr Redgrave!  (Have you noticed how head teachers never miss a photo opportunity?)

Finally, after he’d told me on my blog about the Tardis in his classroom, I had to meet Matti and see it for myself.  This is no ordinary Tardis (obviously). Behind it is the creative writing corner where Y3 teacher Mrs Ritchie makes magic happen. I’m not fibbing. You should see the Island stories the class wrote. They sparkled.

Afterwards I visited St Asaph Library.  I think one of the reasons Ysgol Esgob Morgan has such keen readers is that the school is within walking distance of  a public library. Not only that, but within the library there is a children’s librarian called Clara who does super-exciting stuff with kids. I was lucky enough to meet her during her Chatterbooks session where the group talked about Eion Colfer’s book Spud Murphy. Spud Murphy is a really, really strict librarian but the one Clara’s group created was a thousand times scarier than that. We’re talking snakes for hair and long, sharp tusks, people. Tusks!

What was great about this session was that, as Clara engaged the Chatterbookettes, a little boy of about 7, who’d been choosing books round the corner, came to see what was going on. Bit by bit he edged closer and closer to the group, smiling as they threw out suggestions. ‘That’s a funny drawing, isn’t it?’ I whispered to him. He nodded shyly. I think Clara might have an extra member next time.

So that was yesterday. Today I visited Ysgol LLywelyn in Rhyl where something amazing happened but I’m all blogged out so I’m going to write about that tomorrow.


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