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Happy New Year

2013 Bring it on!                      

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Huddersfield Town FC: literacy role models…

Football comes in for a lot of stick. Players are seen as spoilt and overpaid; clubs are seen as greedy and intent on ripping off their fans and fans are seen as hooligans. What isn’t reported is the positive side. The players such as Rio Ferdinand and Didier Drogba who donate thousands, if not millions, […]

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Sonnet, December Morning

DECEMBER MORNING I love to rise ere gleams the tardy light, Winter’s pale dawn;–and as warm fires illume, And cheerful tapers shine around the room, Thro’ misty windows bend my musing sight Where, round the dusky lawn, the mansions white, With shutters clos’d, peer faintly thro’ the gloom, That slow recedes; while yon grey spires […]

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Kids Lit Quiz

I’ll be at the UK Final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz tomorrow. Come on St Thomas More – do it for Yorkshire – even though you’re in Derbyshire! If you want to know how hard the rounds are, check out the practice questions from 2012.

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