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Happy New Year

2013 Bring it on!                      

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Kafou: Haitian Voodoo art

I avoided the crowds at the sales in Nottingham yesterday and went to see the Kafou, Haiti, Art and Vodou exhibition at the Nottingham Contemporary art gallery instead. The exhibition was a mixture of paintings, sculptures and tapestries about the … Continue reading

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Books on the Box

Katherine Davidson, ace Library Manager at Ellis Guilford School in Nottingham, has complied a list of ‘Books on the Box at Christmas’ that she sent out to her colleagues. The idea is to show how many books and writers contribute to … Continue reading

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Huddersfield Town FC: literacy role models…

Football comes in for a lot of stick. Players are seen as spoilt and overpaid; clubs are seen as greedy and intent on ripping off their fans and fans are seen as hooligans. What isn’t reported is the positive side. … Continue reading

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What’s new?

As I mentioned in my previous blog I’ve been to Spain for a few days visiting my mum.  She’s lived there for about twelve years now and I can see the attraction – the weather is wonderful.  I had to … Continue reading


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In my absence…

I’m heading off to see my mum for a few days as it’s her 80th birthday. I’ll be so busy making sure she doesn’t go up in flames as she tries to blow all her candles out I won’t be able … Continue reading

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The best start to a writer’s day…

… is a cup of tea. It’s the first thing I do. I put the kettle on in the kitchen then pad round to my study to boot up the computer. By the time I’ve done that, the kettle’s boiled … Continue reading


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Sonnet, December Morning

DECEMBER MORNING I love to rise ere gleams the tardy light, Winter’s pale dawn;–and as warm fires illume, And cheerful tapers shine around the room, Thro’ misty windows bend my musing sight Where, round the dusky lawn, the mansions white, … Continue reading

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And the winning school is…

I’m not sure which of the sixteen teams had travelled the furthest to attend the regional winners’ final of the Kids Lit Quiz. Methodist College from Belfast perhaps or Torquay Boys’ Grammar? Then again Dunblane High School had a fair … Continue reading

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Kids Lit Quiz

I’ll be at the UK Final of the Kids’ Lit Quiz tomorrow. Come on St Thomas More – do it for Yorkshire – even though you’re in Derbyshire! If you want to know how hard the rounds are, check out … Continue reading

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