Huddersfield Town FC: literacy role models…

Football comes in for a lot of stick. Players are seen as spoilt and overpaid; clubs are seen as greedy and intent on ripping off their fans and fans are seen as hooligans. What isn’t reported is the positive side. The players such as Rio Ferdinand and Didier Drogba who donate thousands, if not millions, to charity. The fans who travel hundreds of miles, regardless of  their club’s position in the league, just to support them and the clubs who give back so much to the communities in which they’re based. I’m proud to say that the club I support, Huddersfield Town, is outstanding in this.  If members are not cycling crazy distances to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance they’re providing opportunities for those less fortunate through the new blue and white foundation.

The Town Foundation was set up in 2012 by Chairman Dean Hoyle and other trustees to support a variety of good causes.  The two I’m most impressed with involve schools; breakfast clubs and  reading diaries. The breakfast clubs provide breakfasts to schools in deprived areas of Huddersfield, giving the children a nutritious start to the day. It makes sense. Kids can’t learn on an empty stomach; only when the stomach is happy can we start on the brain. That’s where the reading diaries come in. Designed and printed by Igloo Books, they are bright, colourful and just the thing to engage children in reading for pleasure.  Each diary is packed with advice, quizzes, book recommendations, players’ favourite titles and all kinds of special features.  I wish I’d had one when I was at primary school! Check out the cover from the Spring Term 2013 issue:






















The newest Huddersfield Town Foundation Reading Diary featuring Andy Booth, HTAFC ambassador, as well as a special interview with Olympic gold medallist (for cycling) and Town supporter Ed Clancy


So that’s what my club’s doing for the community. What’s yours doing?












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