Patron of Reading update

Blimey. You appear on TV for two minutes and everything goes crazy!  Since BBC Wales Today and ITV Wales published clips of the Patron of Reading initiative last Friday I’ve been inundated for requests from people to find out more.

The fabulous Reading Zone blogged about it here.

The revolutionary Reader Organisation, who edited the book I used in the clip, A Little Aloud for Children, asked me to write about it here.


a little









A Little, Aloud is a wonderful anthology for the KS2 classroom


Several more schools and authors such as Saviour Pirotta have come forward saying they’d like to participate in the patron of reading scheme.

The Society of Authors , among many others, tweeted about it.












And it’s only Tuesday. I have no idea how much publicity and interest head teacher Tim Redgrave has had at Ysgol Esgob Morgan but I bet his planning’s gone to pot!

From little acorns do mighty oaks grow….


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