Kulanjango by Jenny Ritchie

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I’m the patron of reading of a school in North Wales (Ysgol Esgob Morgan). The headteacher, Tim Redgrave, has been getting so much interest about it from other schools and authors we’re devising a set of guidelines about what a patron  does.  Basically, the main emphasis of the role is to help the school to spread a love of reading for pleasure. However,  it is inevitable that there will be times when writing springs out of the reading activities. For example, this poem (below) by Jenny Ritchie was her response to my blog on mesostic poems.

Jenny is the literacy co-ordinator at Ysgol Esgob Morgan and is one of those keen, enthusiastic teachers every parent hopes their child will have as a form teacher (Ysgol Esgob Morgan seems to have them in abundance). Incidentally, Jenny’s going to have  an anthology of poetry published one day; she just doesn’t know it yet.

‘Kulanjango’ is another word for ‘sea hawk’ and was inspired by Jenny reading Gill Lewis’ prize-winning children’s book of the same name. Jenny admired Iris, the sea hawk of the story, so much that she used her as the inspiration for her mesostic poem.










cover to Kulanjango (German translation) of Gill Lewis’s Sea Hawk













Isn’t that fabulous?  Standing ovation for Mrs Ritchie, please.  You can read some of the pupils’ mesostic poems on the link, too. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just the tip of the patron of reading iceberg *hi fives everyone in St Asaph.*



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