Manchester City Libraries Premier League Reading Stars

I had a busy two days in Manchester this week.  In numbers it goes something like this:

Early starts: 2. Alarm set for 05.20.

Trains caught: 7

Taxi rides (between venues): 10

Schools visited: 4    Willows Primary, Wythenshawe, Park View Primary, Miles Platting, Cravenwood Primary and Abbott Primary

Libraries visited: 2  Withington (meeting Y5 from Old Moat Primary and Y5/6 from St Paul’s Primary) and Miles Platting.

Librarians hugged: 2 (Fozia and Angela)

Chilliest Railway Station Waiting Room: Doncaster

Best view: The snow-covered Pennines on the train from Leeds to Manchester

Most off-putting: A teaching assistant texting all the way through one of my sessions, right in my eye-line. Call me a fuss-pot but I think that’s unprofessional.

Funniest moment: Discovering that some of the kids in Manchester support Barcelona. Usually, everyone I ask, up and down the country, supports Man United – except in Manchester, it would seem.

Magical Moments: Y6 at St Paul’s naming authors such as Barry Hutchison and Jean Ure as their favourites, rather than the same old names that crop up. The pupils at Cravenwood listening intently, despite all the to-ing and fro-ing going on behind them. The Y6s at Abbott Primary’s enthusiastic singing as Angie and I entered their classroom. Willows Primary for being so engaged with the PLRS and braving the snow and sleet to watch football after my session.


Thanks for inviting me, Manchester City Libraries Services and good luck with all the changes this April. 







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