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Questions I never get asked on school visits

These are the top six questions I’m asked on school visits:   What is your favourite book that you’ve written? Are you rich? Are you famous? Do you like being an author? Do you know any other famous authors? What’s it like being an author? (Answers: 1. Don’t have one. 2. Nope. 3. Nope. 4. […]


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Book Signing

Thank you to everyone who came to the book signing at Waterstones in Doncaster on Sunday. It was a treat to see so many  pupils turn up from the schools I’d visited earlier in the week. Those journeys up and down the A1 were worth it! I hope you all enjoy the Girls FC books. […]

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Book signing: Doncaster, Waterstones Sunday May 26th

Newsflash!  I’m going to be signing copies of my Girls FC titles and my non-fiction book, Here Come the Girls! at Waterstones in Doncaster on Sunday, May 26th from 11.30 am – 1.30 pm.            Doncaster Waterstones looks like this…                       […]

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Tuschinski Theatre

One of the buildings that fascinated me in Amsterdam was the Tuschinski Theatre, a cinema that looked as if it had come straight out of Metropolis or Gotham City.                                       The Tuschinski Theatre, Amsterdam   Built in […]

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