Only Snow – a poem by Allan Ahlberg

I don’t think anything excites Brits, weather-wise, more than snow. There’s a sense of awe and wonder when it first arrives – quickly followed by panic-buying and a media-frenzy that puts us to shame. I love this poem by Allan Ahlberg which captures beautifully the yearning children have to be out it it, instead of stuck in the classroom.  

Only Snow

snow   Outside, the sky was almost brown The clouds were hanging low. iphone 7 black leather case Then all of a sudden it happened: The air was full of snow. iphone 7 phone cases newcastle       The children rushed to the windows. iphone 8 case card slot The teacher let them go, Though she teased them for their foolishness. iphone 7 plus silicon case blue After all, it was only snow. ° ° ° It was only snow that was falling, Only out of the sky, Only onto the turning earth Before the blink of an eye. ° ° ° What else could it do from up here, But fall in its usual way? It was only weather, really. What else could you say? ° ° The teacher sat at her desk Putting ticks in a little row, While the children stared through the steamy glass At the only snow.


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