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Celebrity Writers (again)

The other big news in the world of children’s books last week (apart from Terry Deary) was that Chelsea FC’s Frank Lampard has signed a book deal to write 5 football books for children. diamonte iphone 8 plus case He joins David Beckham and Theo Walcott in this, although from what I can gather Lampard […]

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Authors for the Philippines

I was going to write a blog onTerry Deary’s latest daft outburst about libraries but then something more important came along; namely the 4,000 people killed and 500,000 left homeless in the Philippines by Typhoon Haiyan.           A scene of devastation left from Typhoon Haiyan One of the children’s writers I […]


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If Carlsberg did Conferences…

I attended one of the most inspirational conferences I’ve ever been to yesterday (remember, I’m in my fifties – I’ve been to a lot of conferences). This conference was organised by The Reader Organisation, a body I’ve blogged about before. Now what makes this conference different for me was that I wasn’t attending on someone’s […]

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School Visit: Ellison Boulters C of E Primary Academy

I celebrated Red Nose Day with the pupils of Ellison Boulters in Lincolnshire yesterday. It was my third visit to the school and super, as usual. iphone 8 apple case black Ellison Boulters is one of those schools; where the teachers are keen and the kids even keener, making taking a day off from my […]

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And the award goes to…

The awards season is in full swing. iphone 6 quality case On Thursday I attended the Society of Authors Authors’ Awards and here’s my invitation to prove it:                           My initial reaction to being at such ceremonies is always a sense of disbelief, […]

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Summer Reading Challenge 2013

I was in Harby in Nottinghamshire last week helping Janet, my local librarian, promote the Summer Reading Challenge. This year’s theme’s a cracker – Creepy House. The illustrations by Chris Riddell are fabulous.                       One of Chris Riddell’s illustrations for ‘Creepy House’ I think it’s […]


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The British Library

I was lucky enough to have a guided tour of the British Library earlier this week. What a phenomenal building. Situated close to St Pancras Station, it’s an ideal place to browse if you are waiting for a train. Oh, and to undertake any research on anything published in the UK – and I mean […]


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Mr Gaiman’s Obligations

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Reading Agency’s annual lecture at the Barbican in London yesterday. Neil Gaiman was the guest speaker and he was every bit as erudite and inspirational as you’d expect from one of the literary icons of our generation. Casually dressed in black, there is more than a […]

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Summer Reading

I wish adults had a Summer Reading Challenge. I love stickers and I’d have completed it by now. These are a few of the books and publications I’ve read recently:                           A varied bunch, I think you’d agree… blue marble phone cases iphone […]

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Forever Homes

Have you ever watched Location, Location, Location? It’s the one where the two presenters, Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp, show improbably young couples round properties and I shout things at the telly like: ‘How can you afford to buy that at your age? It’s not fair!’ Then there’s Escape to the Country, which is even […]

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