Summer Reading Challenge Books

Pupils from Class 4 at Ysgob Esgob Morgan have been writing to me on our cool and exclusive Patron of Reading blog about some of the books they read for the Summer Reading Challenge. Big thanks to the two Mega Blog Monitors, Martha and Eirawen, for encouraging their classmates to participate.













 Martha and Eirawen’s job description – serious stuff!

Here are a few titles the pupils shared with me:

Erin chose Rubbish Town Hero by Nicola Davies










I’m glad Erin chose one of Nicola’s books because a) Nicola’s a friend of mine b) She has put herself forward to be a Patron of Reading (like me) and c) Her books are great


Freya and Megan chose Mitchell Symons’ Don’t wipe your bum with a hedgehog’ and ‘How much poo can an elephant do?’










Don’t wipe your bum with a hedgehog sounds like pretty good advice! Megan liked the book because it: ‘…gave lots of useful information, such as a dolphin can leap over 6m in the air.’


Leah chose Ottaline at Sea written and illustrated by the super-talented

Chris Riddell











Leah commented that one of the funniest parts of the story was when Ottaline went in the submarine

NB: Chris Riddell also did the illustrations for this year’s Creep House theme


JJ went for dinosaurs because he likes huge dinosaurs and this book was funny









I’m sure I Saw a Dinosaur by Jeanne Willis illus Adrian Reynolds


Anonymous of Y4 chose History Spies because ‘History is my favourite.’







Dylan’s favourite was:









The Smarties Big Book of Stupid Jokes

This was Dylan’s favourite joke:


Who’s there?


Water who?

Water you knocking on the door for?


Thank you, Class 4. Keep ’em coming.







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